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We are an international consultancy company firmly established globally, offering support in international business development, operative support, business integration and IBDC. Our company was created 8 years ago and now operates in more than 60 countries, thus offering our customers the international market presence necessary for a rapid and efficient expansion.


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Simplify ESG reporting to align with compliance and reporting standards using our ESG reporting platform.

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We support companies in their international expansion in over sixty countries.
  • International Business Development
  • Operative Support
  • Business Integration
  • IBDC

Operative Support

We research target companies for new acquisitions and provide due diligence for M&A.

Business Integration

We support the development of new and innovative industrial projects.


Connect to those really interested in doing business with you.


BDB Network was created for two reasons: to help companies deal with the complexities of operating internationally and to become a global reference point for international business development, as well as internationalization activities. Therefore, over the years, we have developed a whole new approach to international development. Want to learn more about it? Watch our corporate video or read the entire in-depth article.


Why Choose Us

Lean structure

We can guarantee quick responses, high flexibility and lower costs.

Control platform

We can be your unique point of reference for your business around the world.

Reliable partner

We avoid frauds resulting from the lack of knowledge of local market dynamics.

"BDB Network represents a new point of reference for companies that operate or want to operate all over the world. It offers real and tangible support for the resolution of all the needs and problems that a company faces for its international development and for the management of its business in different markets."

Fulvio Italiano
Executive President

"The network of BDB professionals, active in all key geographics, has a proven track record in building rapidly entry strategies into new markets while, at the same time helping clients in managing the related complexity. This is why all clients are satisfied and keep coming back."

Riccardo Maria Monti
Vice President


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