BDB is first and foremost an international Business Integrator, a hub able to connect companies, investors and customers, generating new business opportunities and the birth of industrial, financial and commercial partnerships between companies operating in different countries and in complementary sectors.

BDB Network was born 8 years ago and operates in over 60 countries, offering our customers efficient solutions by minimizing investments, and entrusting to our structure all aspects relating to marketing, management, opening of new markets and operational organization.

Our presence in the international scenario allows us to have very competitive structural costs compared to other consulting companies, and to offer our services to all those companies that cannot allocate large sums of money to increase their growth.

Our structure is divided into Business Units specialized in different sectors thanks to a central coordination able to offer the customer a single interlocutor that monitors all the activities carried out in all the countries where they are in progress.

Our services are aimed at two potential types of customers:

Small/medium companies not yet present abroad or not structured

The Large Company already present abroad





Mario Boselli

President of the Advisory Board

Riccardo Maria Monti

Vice President of the Advisory Board

Fulvio Italiano

Executive Vice President

Luca Concone

Board Member of the Senior Advisory Board
"BDB Network represents a new point of reference for companies that operate or want to operate all over the world. It offers real and tangible support for the resolution of all the needs and problems that a company faces for its international development and for the management of its business in different markets."
Fulvio Italiano
Executive Vice President, BDB Network
"The network of BDB professionals, active in all key geographics, has a proven track record in building rapidly entry strategies into new markets while, at the same time helping clients in managing the related complexity. This is why all clients are satisfied and keep coming back."
Riccardo Maria Monti
Vice President of the Advisory Board, BDB Network