In an era where online is the main way of making business we still noticed a very interesting phenomenon:

Buying online is easy

Buying online doesn’t require particular technological knowledge, anyone can do it. Every year the number of online customers grows moving away from the traditional market.

but selling online is difficult.

for selling online you absolutely need technological knowledge and financial resources. For this reason, many businesses have not been able to keep up with the new market needs, often with the consequence of losing customers and turnover.

With our new application for e-commerce called Vudoo, selling becomes as easy as buying.

Vudoo is an application that allows anyone to sell their products online in 2 simple steps:

1. Make the registration
Enter your company details so that Vudoo can create a catalog where you can load your items. A free shop that can be connected to the website of the company or make it your company’s website.

2. Take a picture, load it and you are ready to sell
Vudoo has developed an algorithm to automatically retrieve product information from Internet with a simple photo. With one click Vudoo updates your catalog and publishes the product on the main marketplaces.



BDB is the licensee of Vudoo and we have introduced the concept of Instant Commerce – a revolutionary service dedicated to all the activities that need the digital market to expand their business. Even the smallest business can be instantly present online with their products and services aimed both at B2B medium and large-sized transactions, but also at B2C small and medium-large transactions.

The system works with major e-commerce sites and the Vudoo facility takes care both the logistics (collection of goods from the seller, delivery to the customer), and the management of payments, returns and disputes with the help of an management tool that operates on all digital channels, an unique customizable Omnichannel

In a world where everything changes, even e-commerce can change.

The services that BDB offers to companies that want to approach e-commerce in an easy but yet professional way are:


Present and sell products directly to buyer/distributor/other company. Customized widgets to simplify reading and introducing/modifying the data.


Promote and sell services and products directly to the Final Customers. Content management system customized according to the business type.


E-Commerce platform directly integrated with the main Marketplace. Simplified flow management and complete integration with the IT systems used.


Manage sales online directly on the interested market by integrating IT systems. Customized widgets to simplify reading and introducing/modifying the data.

Vudoo – the easiest way to sell online