Fulvio Italiano

Executive President

Fulvio Italiano was born in Naples, Italy into a family of entrepreneurs and artists in 1972 and from an early age he dreamt of becoming a successful musician and entrepreneur. When Fulvio was only 14 years old, those dreams began to materialize as he started performing in many of the clubs of Naples and the island of Capri. He saved his earnings and, with his cousin, started a small recording studio. Ital Records soon became a popular spot for many local artists.

At the age of 18, Fulvio enrolled in the Federico Secondo University of Law and moved to Milan. There, thanks to his talent as a musician and singer, he began to build a network among well-connected professionals and businesspeople among the jet set. The acquaintances Fulvio made at the piano opened the door to opportunities in international trade where his creativity found new applications beyond song writing.

School and Fulvio’s entrepreneurial efforts eventually overshadowed his artistic ambitions, but the flexibility, versatility, and other skills he developed as a young performer helped him make the right connections and find business solutions.

After finishing college, Fulvio founded his first company, TCF SRL, specializing in smart cards and RFID systems. TCF SRL was among the first in Europe to implement RFID systems for marketing campaigns and for safety management in schools. TCF SRL also created industrial traceability systems, an innovation that led to consultancy assignments from the Ministry of Italian Defense and contracts with multinational corporations, such as Unilever.

Fulvio’s entrepreneurial imagination led him, a few years later, to create a new daycare concept for children aged 3 months to 6 years. Founded with his then wife, Matarazzo Group became the second largest European group in daycare management with 78 franchise facilities and 650 employees in 9 nations.

In 2008 the world financial crisis ended plans for expansion of Matarazzo Group into the U.S. market. Fulvio struggled through the collapse of the international banking system and the end of his marriage and professional partnership with his wife. Undaunted by
these enormous personal and professional difficulties, Fulvio decided to start a new challenge in 2013 when fate reconnected him to his childhood friend Riccardo Maria Monti, then president of the Italian Trade Agency. Using his experience growing Matarazzo Group as a guide, Fulvio proposed that they create an innovative business model to help other companies develop internationally while supporting them through any difficult patches along the way.

The idea was to create a unique company that would bring together the best, most reliable professionals in every nation of the world to give entrepreneurs practical help when choosing new markets and to stand beside them as they face obstacles in new countries. With this concept, Business Development Bureau (BDB) was born.

Over the past 8 years, Fulvio and Riccardo have worked tirelessly to build BDB into an efficient, flexible, and innovative network that covers every need related to international business in over 60 countries around the world.

In 2021, BDB consolidated the network and introduced BDB USA, the new world hub of the BDB Network. BDB now stands ready to offer American companies a new benchmark in global business development assistance.