Mario Boselli

President of the Advisory Board

Mario Boselli’s family has over four centuries of history in the silk textiles industry. The family business, located in Garbagnate Monastero, was founded in 1586 and passed into the hands of Mario’s grandfather in the late 1800’s. The elder Boselli brought innovation to the company by industrializing the artisan twisting of silk while honoring the company’s rich tradition in the business. Mario’s father continued the company’s legacy of innovation adopting modern technologies to produce and transform synthetic fibers.

Starting at an early age, Mario became involved in the various functions of the family silk business. He extended the range of activities from the base sectors such as knitting and weaving, on up to ready-to-wear garments. Continuing in the family tradition of innovation, Mario eventually helped guide the firm through strategic changes in technology, management, and product distribution. Mario Boselli also considerably expanded the company’s industrial activity, in Italy as well as abroad in the Slovak Republic. During a career spanning more than four decades, Mario came into intimate contact with all phases of the import / export business.

While negotiating the complexities of supply and distribution, Mario created an extensive network of contacts and further strengthened his grasp of business stewardship as he oversaw all aspects of mid-level and upper management. Because silk textiles are an essential component of Italy’s extensive fashion industry, Mario gained wide exposure to a demanding customer base. As business expansion and foreign commerce both demand ready access to capital, finance became yet another area that he mastered.

During his tenure with the family company in Garbagnate Monastero, Mario served as president of 11 prestigious organizations and received honors from the governments of Italy, France, and Colombia.

In 2007, Mario chose to move on to new areas of endeavor, taking with him a truly singular wealth of knowledge and experience. Today he serves as president of 6 organizations and sits on numerous boards of directors. As president of the advisory board of BDB, he stands ready to serve our clients with his extraordinary vision and insight.