Riccardo Maria Monti

Vice President

Long before globalization began, Riccardo Maria Monti’s parents were exposing him to the world far beyond his hometown of Naples, Italy. His mother, a woman well ahead of her time, toured Latin America on her own in the 1950’s as a teenager. His father received his PhD from Princeton on a Fullbright Scholarship, becoming a member of one of the first truly global communities: aerospace. During his childhood, it wasn’t uncommon for Riccardo and his family to entertain American astronauts, Russian physicists, and Chinese professors in their home.

Riccardo brings his vast wealth of international business experience in over 80 countries to BDB as Vice President. His career has traversed multiple industries including energy, digital services and e-commerce, logistics, wine, infrastructure, tech, manufacturing (furniture, industrial and hydraulic fluids), construction, transportation (public systems, high-speed and conventional railways, maritime, green mobility), professional services, venture capital, and engineering.

Riccardo has held leadership positions in many businesses, serving as President of Interporto Sud Europa S.p.A, Executive Chairman and CEO of Triboo, Chairman of Italferr S.p.A. (Italy’s Largest Engineering firm, active in infrastructure projects in 30 countries), Chairman of Grandi Stazioni S.p.A, and Vice President of the public venture capital firm SIMEST. He has also served on the boards for many of the largest organizations in Italy including Alilauro, Assocamerestero (the Association of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Overseas), Advanced Capital, Adler Group, Sciuker, and AlfaGomma.

Riccardo’s previous position as Italian Trade Commissioner, combined with his experience working on boards for organizations that promote international trade and relations, make him especially well-suited to help companies create a global network of governments and public institutions, important entrepreneurs, and investment funds to harness for cross-border investment and business growth opportunities. His experience as Executive Vice President of the Italy-China Foundation, President of the Italy-United Arab Emirates Association, Chairman of the Italian Trade Promotion Agency, Board Member of the Joint Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce (JIACC), and as the Personal Advisor for International Affairs of the Italian Minister of Economic Development have led to the creation of a deep network throughout major economic regions of the world. His work in promoting the development of cultural, economic and commercial relations between Italy and other countries is an asset for any business wishing to increase its globalization.

Riccardo can also draw upon his own experience starting and growing businesses to help clients navigate the obstacles they face when moving into new markets. He has founded or co-founded four businesses, and has grown boutique operations into large, multinational operations. During his tenure at professional services firm Value Partners Group, he grew the business from 30 consultants into a preeminent Italian multinational firm, operating with approximately 3,000 employees in 15 offices worldwide.

Riccardo believes in giving back to his community and has been a volunteer for various organizations and projects since his youth. He continues to uphold his commitment to service through volunteer positions as Chairman of the Italy-United Arab Emirates Association, (promoting commercial and cultural relations between the two countries), as Treasurer of the board of the Robert Kennedy Foundation, (working on projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East}, and as a member of the steering committee of the Association “L’Altra Napoli ONLUS”, which works to revitalize the most disadvantaged areas of Naples.

Riccardo holds a Master in Management of Technology from Brooklyn Polytechnic in New York and has held numerous academic fellowships throughout the world. He is fluent in five languages: Italian, English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. He has two sons who, unsurprisingly, are avid travelers and consider themselves “world citizens”.