Our clients include companies operating on the entire food chain, from the production to packaging and distribution of food and beverage. Being in constant interaction with the business industry, BDB knows and understands specific requirements allowing us to act effectively in providing strategic solutions for our customers. Considering that the “success” factor in food and beverage business depends on both the company finances and the weather, we intend to act with the utmost competence where we can influence the balance.

As consumers increasingly seek value in food and beverage on one hand, and quality and convenience on the other, manufacturers and retailers need to find new avenues to differentiate their offerings, maintain growth and offset competition. Our F&B consultants are experts in consulting services such as: concept development, conception of internationalization projects, management, marketing and also identifying and accessing all financial instruments to support business development.

BDB is the right advisor to leading global food companies across a variety of categories and throughout the food and beverage value chain. Our partners play a crucial role in helping food and beverage companies and retailers design and activate strategic programs, capitalize on trends, gain loyalty and underserved customer segments within a market.

We assist our Food & Beverage clients as they navigate the complex foodservice landscape across the large-scale distribution, selective distribution, Ho.Re.Ca and premium.

Business Development & Internationalization

BDB can actively promote business development and internationalization projects for all the companies looking to expand their market reach abroad by creating regional commercial networks, identifying local companies, distributors  and potential industrial and financial partners.

Food & BeverageMarketing

Marketing food and beverage business today is more important than ever. BDB’s F&B marketing advisory is aligned with sales and marketing teams for greater impact from branding, website development and digital marketing to social media to PR.


BDB is the licensee of Vudoo, the e-commerce application that has introduced the concept of Instant Commerce, a revolutionary service dedicated to all the activities that need the digital market to expand their business.

Logistic Services

In such a fast-moving world, the punctuality and the quality of delivery is a factor critical to success especially in the food and beverage industry. Our philosophy is to make your needs the most important focal point. We strive to exceed expectations.


BDB assists its clients in identifying and accessing all financial instruments to support their global expansion and to find international credit, guaranteeing instruments and performance bonds.

Food and Beverage Management

Experienced in ownership and management, BDB’s food and beverage consultants can spot opportunities for your company with international research and general management processes that can bring real results to bottom line profits.

SWOT Analysis

BDB Consultants help to identify and assess opportunities within existing operations and analyze competitive environments to bring your operation greater success. We will also evaluate and recommend technology solutions and guide marketing and sales efforts.

Worldwide Staff Leasing

BDB connects qualified candidates to your company in every country in the world and the process allows your business to save on searches, hiring and infrastructure costs. BDB can assist you with a highly specialized staff well-suited to your outsourcing needs.