Interview with Silvia Vianello

Silvia Vianello is the award-winner of the Top Middle East Woman Leader at the Asian Leadership Awards, was featured in 2018 in the prestigious Top 100 Forbes Italian Women list and won the award as Pioneering Woman Leader Award at the World Woman Leadership Congress.

Silvia is currently Professor and Director of Innovation at SPJain Business School, Top 4 business school in the world according to the Wall Street Journal. She has written for or been covered by Sloan Management Review, Forbes, India Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Millionaire, VanityFair, Elle, and many others. She is the Former Managing Director of a consulting company that served Fortune 500 companies as a leading provider of marketing disruptive idea using technology for double-digit growth. From being an entrepreneur, to a start-up TV host and author, Silvia graduated with a PhD in Economics and Organisation and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Venice, specializing in marketing.

Interview with Silvia Vianello

1.What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e., What is your source of motivation?

Curiosity. I believe that being curious is what truly drives human being to success. With curiosity we can create incredible things and keep ourselves motivated throughout the whole process. The natural consequence of this belief is a positive mindset towards life: that’s why I’m always happy to discover new places and learn new things and cultures whenever I can. ‘’My personal source of motivation’’: I love helping both people and companies find their path but also courage, self-esteem and passion for the things they do.


2.What made you realize you would want to do this?

In the last years I’ve been travelling all over the world, so I’ve had the chance to be in contact with many companies of different industries and cultures. There is a great lack of information and cooperation. In fact, many companies look forward to starting the internationalization process of their products, but they don’t have the right tools or people to rely on locally. They think they can be successful on their own and, as a result, most of them will spend a fortune and end up with nothing.

However, through our network companies can find the necessary resources to internationalize their business successfully and avoid failure.

So I’ve realized I wanted to do this when I understood I could really make the difference for many companies by helping them avoid failure and express their full potential.


3.Why should people choose BDB Network?

BDB is a highly streamlined structure based on several professional associated advisory companies with 14 direct partners who operate with us in more than 20 countries. This allows us to provide our clients with the necessary advices, tools, contacts for the analysis of the markets and the potential development sectors of their business in the different international scenarios.

Our network is usually of great help to those companies that have developed an attractive know-how for foreign markets but that still lack both the structure and the money needed to start the internationalization process.

However, we also help Big Multinational companies which are already doing business worldwide and need assistance in their international relations, marketing of new products, managing crisis and so on.


4.What comes first for you, money or emotions?

I’ve always made my choices out of curiosity because dealing with emotions is very important to me. I think that when you do something you really like, you will succeed, and money will only be its natural consequence. Now you can easily understand why personal moto is ‘’Dream big! Everything is possible! Really.‘’


5.Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time and effort in financing startup projects and scholarships and in helping worldwide companies to expand and export their products abroad through the BDB network. Being a part of such a big network, working everyday with international professionals and helping solve the difficulties of different companies is a big accomplishment for me. Being a Professor in one of the best Business School in the World and having the opportunity to offer scholarships here to the most talented students is such a big honor.


6.How do you handle the pressure?

I have to face many obstacles every day, also because I’m a woman. Pressure is always high but I don’t think that’s an obstacle. In my life I’ve learnt that difficulties made me grow and are responsible for who I’ve become today. So whenever I’m under pressure and I face a difficult situation, I remind myself that I’m learning something new, that I’m improving as a person and as a professional. The right mindset is the key to face every situation without ending up feeling overwhelmed. And if pressure is a part of a job that you love, you won’t feel it: you just enjoy it. Plus, a strongly believe life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.


7.What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Never be afraid to share your idea, getting different feedback will help you out in the most important phase: execution. The value of an idea is zero, it’s just a dream, if not followed by proper execution. And always remember that being open to collaborations with international networks can become a huge help in your personal and professional growth and improvement. Never be afraid to fail.


8.What plans do you have for the future that you haven’t revealed yet?

BDB will soon evolve. It will not only help companies internationalize their business. It will also become a meeting point of the know-how of entrepreneurs. In fact, we will give them the chance to share their ideas with both like-minded people and with potential industrial and financial partners interested in finding innovative formulas.

We will also support those entrepreneurs who are willing to make the difference in the world, like for instance by protecting endangered arts or helping improve the quality of life and work through their technologies.

We truly believe that together we can make a change in the world. That’s why we will always give space to the initiatives that could impact the issues that we consider essential to respond to our company’s principle of social responsibility.

In 24 months, BDB will cover over 60 countries in the world and will have a global coverage of all the main industrial and product sectors. We will also be able to count on hundreds of specialists ready to answer to all the specific needs of those who will contact us.

We will also increasingly implement our online consultancy services and the use of worldwide assistance systems by videocall, in order to create an updated database with thousands of information on all types of business opportunities, industrial and financial partnerships, technological solutions and real virtual working rooms. Here business opportunities can be met and shared.

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