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Interview with the Cavaliere Mario Boselli

6 May 2021

Mario Boselli began his activity in 1959 in the family business ancient silk tradition, founded in 1586, in Garbagnate Monastery succeeding his father Carlo Boselli.
In the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and at the turn of the millennium realizes a significant development of the company, both in Italy and in Slovakia.
In 2005 he left the family business for new positions.
Today Mario Boselli is President of Banca 5 and Prestitalia (both of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group), President of Fondazione Italia Cina, President of Istituto Italo Cinese, President of the Advisory Board of BDB Network and member of the Board of Directors of various listed and non-listed companies.
In the past Mario Boselli was President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, of Federtessile, President of the International Fair of Milan, of Pitti Immagine.
Among the various honors he was appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro (1990), Commandeur de l’Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur (France 2002) and Cavaliere di Gran Croce Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (2007).
Mario Boselli was born in Como in 1941 he is married and has three children.

What are the benefits from the collaboration between Fondazione Italia Cina and BDB Network for the companies?

The companies associated with Fondazione Italia Cina are approximately 400 of which the majority Italian, the other are Chinese. They often require assistance for a whole range of activities related to their presence or penetration in the Chinese market.
The Foundation, in addition to its institutional role and general assistance, connects companies with BDB Network, which are able to help and support them in their needs.
The network of the relations of Foundation is higher and exceeds 5000 contacts.

How has the vision of Chinese investors regarding the opportunities offered by the Italian market changed in the last few years?

Chinese investors have always been interested in the opportunities offered by companies and large Italian groups in various field, just think about Pirelli, sport and in general about the sector of Italian life style. But recently, the central government would limit foreign investment by exercising greater control over it.

How much can the current tension between USA, Europe and China influence the events related to the Covid-19?

The current situation of tension is especially between USA and China. With the Biden administration things have not changed compared to the Trump era. This is undoubtedly not good for international trade, including for Europe.
The European Economic Community has recently taken a more autonomous stance than the previous period of strong USA conditioning.
An important testimony is the agreement signed between the EEC and China on 30.12.2020. This agreement will have to be approved by the European Parliament, but it is certainly a positive factor for these two realities.

How important is the role of the Foundation in facilitating relations between Italian companies and an increasingly expanding Chinese market?

Until 2019 it was increasingly easy to travel with direct flights lasting about 10 hours, obtaining entry visas without particular difficulty, and with excellent mobility within the country.
With the Covid19 everything changed, few flights, especially with intermediate stops, great difficulty in obtaining visas but above all health regulations, such as a quarantine of 21 days in isolation, on arrival in China.
The combination of these factors has substantially changed the possibilities of access and the Fondazione Italia Cina is back to be important to try to solve a whole series of situations.
In the end, China was the first major country to restart economically and the prospects are for further vigorous development, will be all the more important on the part of the Foundation and its partners, such as BDB Network, facilitating companies to go and operate in China.