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  • BDB is a highly streamlined structure based on the model of several professional associated Advisory companies with Two Headquarters in Europe – Italy (Rome-Milan) and Romania (Bucharest), and 14 direct partners who operate with us in more than 20 countries daily.

  • Our work is aimed at companies that have developed important and attractive know-how for foreign markets and are ready for global expansion but still lack the structure necessary to support this venture and the necessary financial means to start it, and also to Big Multinational companies who are already present worldwide and need assistance in their International Relations, Marketing of new products, Managing crisis, Legal and financial aid etc.

  • Our structure enables us to provide an affordable and competitive retainer costs and offer our services both to big multinational companies and to small and medium companies that cannot allocate large amounts of resources to expand internationally.

  • BDB provides its clients with the necessary advice for the analysis of the markets and potential development sectors in the various international scenarios (Areas, products, market penetration methods).

  • Three departments: Legal, Business Development, and Finance, cooperate with the Business Units specialized in numerous sectors through the coordination and supervision of BDB Holding, which  represents the epicenter of the entire structure, capable of having a global vision of all the activities conducted for the client in the regions of interest and is responsible for everything.




  • Big Companies that already have interests or Market reach abroad and need to implement their presence or further develop it in other countries by creating Commercial Networks, or finding a Partner for an International Platform.

  • Investment funds and Venture Capital firms exploring new potential targets and Profitable opportunities.

  • Small and medium companies eager to expand their market reach in European and extra European countries.

  • Companies that aspire to operate overseas through M & A operations.



  • We assist companies that need to establish international corporate structures, thanks to our administrative, financial and legal experts present across over 40 countries worldwide;

  • We aid companies that have difficulty obtaining investments, or who need access to an international banking system to expand their presence abroad;

  • We help companies in the search for reliable industrial and financial partners to form new lasting partnerships;

  • Through BDB, companies can find correspondents in different countries around the world to help them take care of institutional and commercial relations.




  • All Companies in their development and growth process have to start expanding their market reach to other countries in order to produce more advanced know-how, products or services to supply this ever-growing demand generated by Globalization.

  • To operate internationally it’s necessary to have a global structure, understand the local cultures, the habits, the local language and open commercial and productive units in the target countries to conquer market shares.

  • BDB can actively promote such projects for the company looking to expand its market reach abroad, that reflects the demands of the company and utilizes the full potential of the client, supporting the company with an investment for the creation of regional commercial networks, identifying local companies and potential industrial and financial partners.


  • BDB assists its clients in identifying and accessing all financial instruments to support their global expansion and to find international credit, guaranteeing instruments and performance bonds.

  • Thanks to the experience gained throughout the years thanks to the constant collaboration with major banking institutions, BDB is able to support its clients in the formation of all the necessary documentation to assist the company in the process of expanding to new countries in which it wishes to operate.

  • BDB’s collaboration with investment funds, private equity firms, and industrial partners interested in acquiring shares and/or developing new-co in various countries of the world is of vital importance.


  • Through the experience gained by all of our partners in the M & A operations, as well as the international structuring of investment funds, BDB is able to constantly monitor the markets for acquisition or share capital opportunities for its clients, both under the purely financial aspect and under the industrial strategic point of view.

  • We believe that M & A operations can be when appropriately sized, a valuable instrument in accelerating the expansion process of companies that are accessing new foreign markets for the first time.

  • The evaluation of brands in the fashion and luxury field, for example, is done not only in relation to marketing potential but also under the qualitative and know-how aspect, all thanks to the joint effort of technical consultants who are experts in this specific sector.


  • Of crucial importance for companies that already operate across borders, is the possibility of being able to count on the presence on the spot of professionals able to intervene promptly in case of complications. Our clients benefit from BDB presence in over 20 countries and a network of 14 Associated Partners located all over the world, providing the degree of international presence ideal for efficient, smooth and rapid expansion.

  • Our structure is equipped to assist the company in the resolution of crises of any nature: legal, financial, commercial, relational, and in connecting with local institutions with the help of consultants who are authorized to operate in the various local jurisdictions.

  • Without a doubt, this represents a huge advantage in both economic terms and in terms of the completion of the task, allowing BDB clients to find a valid ally wherever they operate.


  • The temporary export manager will be supported by our entire structure and can count on the help of our local experts.

  • Our network of professionals is equipped to provide the client company with a Temporary Export Manager who takes care of the development of individual markets, or the trading of individual products in a given region.

  • This type of solution represents a very compelling opportunity for the company, as it provides a way to benefit from a professional operating only on foreign development without having to hire him as an internal resource and without having to structure a new company in the country in which the company intends to expand its market.


  • Our network of professionals is equipped to identify the most effective channels of communication, which will be as innovative as the project it supports.

  • The strategies that we identify can, therefore, foresee the use of new technologies of omnichannel (e.g. Marketing automation, AI tools, Big Data, IoT, etc.) so that also the

    project communication itself is simple, fast, intuitive and effective for the sale of

    products in the target markets.

  • We create marketing plans and business plans capable of achieving the sales objectives set by the company itself in optimal time while improving growth and communication.

  • We build a social identity and establish a stable and lasting relationship with customers on the most important platforms.


  • Relationship care is one of the essential elements for the penetration of a new market, and for the development and support of the company’s project.

  • BDB can count on the great experience of its collaborators involved in lobbying as they all come from positions in international institutions with a portfolio of thousands of contacts, constantly updated and cared for, in over twenty countries in the world

  • Our unparalleled network of contacts allows us to swiftly and easily identify and subsequently get in contact with the individuals who will have a deciding influence over the success of the client’s expansion.

  • This constitutes a key advantage for our clients over their competitors as they are guaranteed to have expert individuals on their side.


  • Temporary export management, with the help of managers with experience in the individual regional markets.

  • Resolution of conflict with foreign partners.

  • Creation of commercial networks and franchising.

  • International legal assistance.

  • Recovery of international credits by negotiation.

  • Creation of international platforms in partnership with other companies interested in the same markets.

  • Research for local partners.

  • Advisory for Asset Management companies and Investment Funds.