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Business Development in Metaverse


What We Do

We create experiences, services and contents using emerging technologies such as
blockchain, tokens (NFT) and crypto currencies for companies that want to create
and consolidate their presence in new virtual worlds, like the metaverse.


How We Can Help You

  • Technology strategy & developing
    We are able to develop projects that involve all the technologies of the new Web3.0, such as: blockchain, tokens (like NFT), cryptocurrencies, and virtual reality / gaming / metaverse.

  • Business Ideation & Innovation
    We conceive and propose new business ideas, innovative business models to help companies build their future by taking advantage of emerging and innovative technologies and create from scratch the opportunities offered by these new worlds.

  • Concept Design & Branding
    We can transfer brands from physical to virtual worlds, adapting their visual identity and language, and designing the best experiences that are aligned with their values and market positioning. For example, we work on the brand's virtual presence by choosing the most akin technological solutions, designing virtual spaces and environments, and engaging interactions.

  • Foundraising & Search for Funding
    We develop the project business plan to forecast the return on investment and to better plan costs. We are aware that working with new technologies can be onerous: that is why we ideate, plan and activate initiatives to raise funds and attract investors.

  • Full-cycle Project Coordination and Management
    We implement turnkey solutions, starting from the research and selection of the different players that are needed to develop each project, ranging from design to development, to look for the most suitable figures for the needs of each individual need. Then, we supervise and coordinate them throughout the project cycle: ideation, strategy, planning and execution, including the developing phases.


What You Will Achieve

High visibility

Experimenting with new technologies means positioning the company as innovative, attracting not only the attention of those curious about these new worlds, but also the media, and thus finding oneself a compelling new story to tell.

Open new markets

One thing is certain: these technologies are the future! Investing in them today means being among the first in real new markets where you can offer your products or services, with exciting possibilities for future expansion.


Projects We Worked On

If you would like to learn more about how we deliver this service, please read the case studies listed below:

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