Thanks to its international structure present in over 60 foreign markets, BDB is at the side of companies through rapid and efficient support in the development of their business.


All companies in the process of growth and development must start expanding their market presence to other countries in order to produce more advanced products or services to satisfy the growing demand generated by globalization.

Today’s world market is full of opportunities for all companies. BDB actively promotes commercial development and internationalization projects for companies wishing to expand their market abroad through the following phases.


  1. Research target companies for new acquisitions and due diligence for M&A
  2. Search for new business opportunities
  3. Search for commercial / industrial / financial partners
  4. Creation of direct sales networks or through distributors
  5. Franchising start-up
  6. Support for participation in international tenders
  7. Creation of new commercial formats
  8. Commercial and financial feasibility analysis
  9. Establishment of foreign start-ups
  10. Market analysis