Opening up to business internationalization can be risky and give some thoughts.

BDB assists its clients in identifying and accessing all financial instruments to support their global expansion and to find international credit, guaranteeing instruments and performance bonds.

Thanks to the experience gained throughout the years and thanks to the constant collaboration with major banking institutions, BDB is able to support its clients in the formation of all the necessary documentation to assist the company in the process of expanding to new countries in which it wishes to operate.

Our corporate finance consultants combine corporate and financial strategy with M&A and capital market expertise to help the company generate value.

On the contrary, If the company has gained some experience with exports and the business is progressing well, why not open up to new possibilities of growth? BDB’s collaboration with investment funds, private equity firms, and industrial partners interested in acquiring shares and/or developing new-co in various countries of the world is of vital importance and can be useful to the company aiming to a international development.

Our areas of intervention

  • Corporate Finance / M & A

  • Joint Ventures / Alliances

  • Strategy

  • Spin-off / Carve-out

  • Finance Restructuring

Whatever your company’s goals and ambitions, our Corporate Finance specialists are able to help you step by step.