Our structure is equipped to assist the company in the resolution of crises of all kinds: legal, financial, commercial and relational, and it is in contact with the local institutions through consultants authorized to operate in different jurisdictions.


Of fundamental importance for companies that already operate internationally is the possibility of counting on the presence on site of professionals able to intervene promptly in the event of complications.

Companies are exposed to risks such as:

  • Emergencies and critical issues
  • Reputation crisis
  • Hostile attacks and / or campaigns
  • Bad unexpected events


No company can be considered immune from the possibility of a crisis. Containing the damage of a corporate crisis in the short and long term is essential to reduce the negative impact on performance, to safeguard the company’s reputation, and to create a network of relationships and conditions for recovery.


  • Temporary and external management services: we provide companies able to intervene immediately in case of need.
  • Staff Leasing: we provide white collar, blue collar and project management personnel with flexible formulas and accurate search for specialized staff.
  • Optimization of the international supply chain: we identify the best suppliers on an international scale to minimize procurement costs and times by maximizing product quality.
  • Logistics and customs assistance: we intervene to identify the best logistics channels as well as in case of need for support for customs procedures.
  • Financial Support: we take care of facilitating bonds with the local banking system and facilitating international business practices.
  • Legal Support: we intervene with our lawyers present in all the countries in which we operate to resolve local disputes with staff, suppliers and customers without the need to find professionals qualified to sponsor locally from time to time.