In such a fast-moving world, the punctuality of delivery is a factor critical to success. Our philosophy is to make your needs the most important focal point. We strive to exceed expectations. We deliver when and where you want, at the most competitive market rates, keeping you constantly up to date along the whole shipping process.

With BDB your company needs will always be the center of our attention!

We know this is a big step, and guarantee you’ll be greatly satisfied with your decision.
BDB works closely with every client to create a valuable network, with outstanding partners, that will support your needs in every possible way with the expansion of your business.

Our strength? The custom-tailored approach, a close attention to details, and an extremely responsive team always available to you.

Together we will analyze the entire process for your shipments, with a “project planning” approach and evaluate in advance the potential risks and solutions for every part of the transportation, from inception through to final destination. Here’s how we evaluate potential problems and solutions:

■ Analysis of the pieces to move. First, using a detailed preliminary analysis we identify all methods of transportation based on the breakdown of what is being moved and the characteristics. Then we are able to generate a comprehensive quote specific to the project at hand.

■ On-site inspection and evaluation of every shipping aspect. Here we elaborate on the feasibility taking all aspects into consideration: technical, legal, safety, as well as the political and cultural aspects of each country that the goods will pass through on its journey from start to finish.

■ Support with all necessary documentation. Our experts will even assist you with the management of all necessary bureaucratic red tape.

■ Step by step monitoring. We will provide you with daily updates monitoring the progress with detailed reports using tracking and real-time digital footage.

■ Additional services. We can also provide you with warehousing, industrial packaging (crating and lashing, security and dunnage), and advise on insurance to ensure your experience is seamless, fully integrated, and provides you peace of mind.


■ Consolidated and Palletized air freight shipments: our experienced associates are able to select and recommend to you the most efficient, safe, and economical methods to organize the flow of your goods, optimizing for you the transit times and costs.

■ Special Services and Air charters: We can also provide fast and secure service for the most delicate pieces and goods requiring special handling with discretion, and attention to detail, and exceptional service.  From single package and hand-carries, all the way to full airplane charter, be sure you will always have our undivided attention!

■ FCL and LCL services: We’ll work closely with you to choose the most adaptive solution for your needs, deciding the combination of FCL and LCL services which works best.

■ Groupage Service: we offer our consolidated road freight services for transportation between Italy and Western Europe; trust our specialists to organize your shipment at the best.

■ FTL/LTL Services: choose our FTL or LTL solutions to carry your freight around Europe with no pit-stops and straight to the final destinations. We also offer our services to the Russia, the countries of CIS, the Middle East and the Maghreb countries.

Ancillary Services

■ Logistics services: We recommend the best service based on your needs, without compromising integrity of the transportation, from the initial pick-up to the packaging of your merchandise, as Logistics is an integral part of the total-package that we offer. We go to the heart of the Supply Chain of our clients in many different industries, from reefer and perishable products, to fashion; from pick-and-pack to e-commerce; from inventory and stocking to distribution: we are by your side until your products have reached your final clients.

■ Assistance with the Insurance coverage: We can assist you with the selection of the most suitable Insurance coverage policies for your shipments.

■ Customs brokerage: do you need help with Customs brokerage at origin, or destination? Let our team lend you a hand, thanks to their many years of international experience.

■ Tracking your shipments: thanks to our Tracing & Tracking you can monitor the status of your merchandise along the supply chain with the click of a button, seamlessly and efficiently giving you peace of mind.