Through the experience gained by all of our partners in the M&A operations, as well as the international structuring of investment funds, BDB is able to constantly monitor the markets for acquisition or share capital opportunities for its clients, both under the purely financial aspect and under the industrial strategic point of view.

We believe that M&A operations can be, when appropriately sized, a valuable instrument in accelerating the expansion process of companies that are accessing new foreign markets for the first time.

BDB helps you improve your chances of success by refining your M&A goals, building your team and skills, and ensuring a reproducible process, provides an assessment based on rigorously quantified facts that help you identify the risk of an operation; identifies synergies and value creation opportunities that the markets may not have detected or linked to the previous structure of your business; start preparing for integration long before the operation is completed.

The evaluation of brands in the fashion and luxury field, for example, is done not only in relation to marketing potential but also under the qualitative and know-how aspect, all thanks to the joint effort of technical consultants who are experts in this specific sector.

BDB ensures that companies realize the highest possible value from disposals by helping them prepare the sales process. Understanding and planning the implications of a carve out is necessary in order to manage the risk of the remaining business but also to ensure the maintenance of the value of the branch or part of the company being divested.

BDB ensures that companies realize the highest possible value from spin offs by developing demerger theses, planning the operation in detail, ensuring that both companies resulting from the new configuration are set for success.

BBD helps you maximize the value of your joint ventures and alliances by ensuring that your company’s arrangements and management of them are appropriate to your needs.