Our network of professionals is equipped to identify the most effective channels of communication, which will be as innovative as the project it supports.

For BDB, results matter as much as ideas and words, that’s why before thinking, creating and implementing any communication project, our business focuses on researching, studying and analyzing all the information and data relating to the company, its positioning, to the market in which it operates, to the markets in which it would like to operate, to the trends in the sector and consumer choice and purchasing behavior in each market. BDB is the only company in the world that, thanks to its presence in 35 countries, is able to carry out all these activities with the support of professionals directly in the country of interest.

The strategies that we identify can, therefore, foresee the use of new technologies of omnichannel (e.g. Marketing automation, AI tools, Big Data, IoT, etc.) so that also the project communication itself is simple, fast, intuitive and effective for the sale of products in the target markets.

Our commitment is to realize the company’s goals by identifying the most effective strategy for each individual market. Our strategic consultancy starts from marketing in order to analyze the needs of the various target segments and determine what are the growth and profitability scenarios of a company. At the end of this phase, a targeted communication plan is developed for each market, where the most effective creative strategy is outlined to achieve the marketing goals, the message to be transferred and the means to be used to convey it.

The purpose of all our activities is to achieve the sales goals set by the company itself in optimal time while improving growth and communication, build a social identity and establish a stable and lasting relationship with customers on the most important platforms, all this by using the techniques and channels that best suit the company’s  specific needs.