Testimonials 1

“86% of Italian companies aim to grow abroad, but often do not know who to rely on for this delicate transition or from which country to start. This is why we have created BDB Network, a global network of professionals present in various countries around the world to guide companies in their internationalization projects. The idea is to decrease costs, time and procedures and really bring the MADE in ITALY to every corner of the world taking advantage of the power of the network of Italians abroad.”

Silvia Vianello
Board member & Marketing Director, BDB Network

BDB has pioneered a very advanced and effective approach to Global business development. The network of BDB professionals, active in all key Geographies, has a proven track record in building rapidly entry strategies into new markets while, at the same time helping clients in managing the related complexity.
BDB professionals are obsessed with achieving results in the shortest time frame for their clients. That is why all clients are satisfied and keep coming back. .

Riccardo Monti
Chairman Advisory Boarding, BDB Network

“Our dream,
at the same time complex and exciting,
is that of never being able to leave our company clients alone,
anywhere in the world.”

Riccardo Parasporo
President & CEO, BDB Holding

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