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Our Story

​​In 2013 fate reconnected Fulvio Italiano to his childhood friend Riccardo Maria Monti, then president of the Italian Trade Agency (ICE). Using his entrepreneurial experience, Fulvio proposed that they create an innovative business model to help other companies develop internationally while supporting them through any difficult patches along the way.
The idea was to create a unique company that would combine the best, most reliable, professionals from every nation of the world, to give entrepreneurs practical help when choosing new markets and to stand beside them as they face obstacles in new countries. With this concept, Business Development Bureau (BDB) Network was born.

Over the past 8 years, Fulvio and Riccardo have worked tirelessly to build BDB Network into an efficient, flexible, and innovative network that covers every need related to international business in over 60 countries around the world.

In 2021, BDB consolidated the network and introduced BDB USA, the new world hub of the BDB Network. BDB now stands ready to offer American companies a new benchmark in global business development assistance.


Why Choose Us?


  • We don’t need to travel
  • Direct relationship: a single contact person who will support you at every step
  • We promote the network between clients and implement projects that integrate the skills and capabilities of everyone
  • We follow your business from concept ideation to realization
  • We have real knowledge of market dynamics and ability to operate on different international markets


  • Complex relationship: different contacts and heavy communication processes
  • Don’t have a direct network and often subcontract work
  • Direct management with high costs and outdated solutions
  • Pre-packaged solution
  • Open channels, but don’t give operational support
  • Apparently there is a lower initial cost; but problems, operational implementation and bottom-of-the list costs are certainly higher


  • Necessity to travel
  • Don’t have a direct network and often subcontract work
  • Open channels, but don’t give operational support
  • Apparently there is a lower initial cost; but problems, operational implementation and bottom-of-the list costs are certainly higher


  • Necessity to travel
  • If you don’t have a direct network, you will have to rely on locals that do not guarantee a link with the company (and a result)
  • Other costs for finding local partners and suppliers
  • In case of problems you should contact the large international consulting companies facing very high costs
  • No real knowledge of the dynamics of local foreign markets: it’s only empirical and data-based, but doesn’t take into account the real risks, such as: competition, bureaucracy, regulations
  • Search for and hire staff or consultants from each target country


What Will You Achieve?


We can supervise and coordinate all the steps of the business, from ideation to realisation

We are proactive in proposing innovative solutions and ideas, responding to new market demands and business needs and opening new opportunities

We stimulate networking among clients and implement projects that integrate the expertise and financial capabilities of multiple parties to explore new markets and generate innovative products and services

Cost & time saving

Our structure is lean compared to large consulting firms: a single contact person supports you in your business in every part of the world, avoiding complex communication flows and high accounting costs

We don’t need to travel: we have local offices and partners that are embedded directly into the countries in which they operate

Our international presence allows us to have very competitive costs compared to other consulting firms, and to offer our services to all those companies that cannot allocate large sums of money to increase their growth

Safety and reliability

Ensuring the reliability of local team members, we avoid fraud resulting from the lack of knowledge of local market dynamics, addressing the difficulties associated with these various environments


Our team is made up of some of the foremost experts in the field of international development and they have held top professionals positions

We have intimate and real knowledge of the local cultures, habits, customs, market dynamics and business rules of each market: our people are professionals embedded directly into the countries in which they live

You can rely on the support and partnership of experts specialised in various professional services, such as: legal matters, business analysts, financial analysts, marketers, management consultants, etc.


We love challenges and we are constantly curious to explore new solutions by bringing together the brightest minds and most engaging ideas.


We like to be constructive and proactive, because we believe that for every problem a solution can be found to solve it.


We love to collaborate with other companies with a clear and strong purpose, like the sustainable ones, because we believe that all companies can grow while safeguarding our planet.


We are sartorial, nothing follows a pattern or set rules. The only rule is to give answers and solutions to each specific customer's needs.


As partners we really care about the growth of your business. For this reason, we insist on a policy of open and honest communication between us and our clients, backed by accountability in all transactions


Why Do We Do What We Do?

To put together young and talented people from different cultures and backgrounds able to work together every day even if they are thousands of miles away.


Meet Our Board

Meet Our Team

We consider all the drivers of change from the ground up and we’ll motivate you to make the change.


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