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International Business Development and Internationalization: two terms in search of clarification

The definitions of “International Business Development” and “Internationalization” are something extremely wide-ranging and therefore tend to generate doubt and confusion among companies that approach professionals offering these activities. This confusion makes it very difficult to understand the line between a business development activity, purely related to sales and to the increase in turnover that comes …

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China hits the Luxury sector

China could soon introduce an increase in taxes for higher revenues that would affect the world of Luxury. The news has already brought down stock markets all over the world and torched billions of dollars. The discourse of Xi Jinping during the Commission/Board conference President Xi Jinping has no intention of abandoning the idea of …

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Fake News: How to defend yourself

The phenomenon of fake news, the publication on the various information channels of articles and news containing invented, deceptive or distorted information, is spreading more and more. The aim is to cause a scandal by discrediting people or businesses and making a profit. The purposes of the so-called “hoaxes” and what consequences they bring The …

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Interview with Pierpaolo Maurizi, Project Manager of BDB Dubai

In the following interview Pierpaolo Maurizi, project manager for BDB UAE, reveals some important information about the United Arab Emirates market: What advice would you give to a company interested in developing its business in the Emirates? The Emirates are currently a leading country in an international context, a promotional showcase of first importance, a …

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Fashion in UK after Brexit and the Covid-19

The purpose of this article is to provide an analysis of the UK market and the respective trends following the two events that particularly affected the UK economy, namely Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic. In this article we will explore what is the damage that has happened since Great Britain left the European Union and …

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Start-up: General information

What is a start-up: the main characteristics that distinguish it Start-ups are a replicable and scalable business model that leads innovation and economic growth around the world, creating new types of products and services every year. This model is one of the most popular at global level. There are four fundamental features that make a …

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Sustainable Fashion

Have you ever heard about sustainable fashion? It’s a topic that is becoming increasingly popular, especially online, also the magazines and web pages talk about it. For those who still don’t know, it’s a process that helps to safeguard the planet and protect people. Moreover, sustainable fashion is considered to be one of the most …

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Interview with Fulvio Italiano

BDB Network offers many services to companies that want to expand their international structure, one of the services is the support in communication and international marketing. We interviewed Dr Fulvio Italiano, Executive President of BDB, in order to know more about the dynamics of the service mentioned. What does international marketing and communication support mean …

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Interview with the Cavaliere Mario Boselli

Mario Boselli began his activity in 1959 in the family business ancient silk tradition, founded in 1586, in Garbagnate Monastery succeeding his father Carlo Boselli. In the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and at the turn of the millennium realizes a significant development of the company, both in Italy and in Slovakia. In 2005 he left the …

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