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BDB Network and SACE partner to support the internationalization and competitiveness of Italian SMEs

27 April 2023
BDB Network

BDB Network is pleased to announce the recent collaboration with SACE, the insurance-financial group specialized in supporting businesses and the national economic fabric. This partnership was created with the primary objective of promoting the internationalization and competitiveness of Italian companies abroad, with particular attention to small and medium-sized enterprises.

With offices and teams in over 60 countries worldwide, BDB Network offers business development, industry strategy and operational support services. The collaboration with SACE will make it possible to pool their respective skills and resources to support the entry of Italian companies into international markets.

On the basis of the agreement signed by Antonio Frezza, Chief Marketing and Sales SME of SACE, and Fulvio Italiano, Executive President of BDB Network, we will offer Italian SMEs qualified consultancy services and financial products to promote their internationalization. Our partnership will also optimize the integration of business support services offered by BDB structures globally and the use of financial instruments made available by SACE.

As part of this collaboration, small and medium-sized enterprises will have the opportunity to participate in the SACE Academy programs and in the Business Promotion initiatives, specially created with the support of BDB. These tailor-made training programs will equip Italian companies with the skills and tools needed for successful internationalization and sustainable growth.

According to Antonio Frezza, Chief Marketing and Sales PMI of SACE, “This partnership represents an important step forward in line with the objectives of our TOGETHER 2025 Business Plan. Creating new opportunities for Italian companies, in particular SMEs, in foreign markets and accompanying them in their internationalization and sustainable growth processes are among the pillars of the SACE Group’s mission.”

Fulvio Italiano, Executive Chairman of BDB Network, added: “The collaboration with SACE is a source of great pride for us, but above all it represents an important tool available to Italian SMEs to face internationalization. BDB Network is available to Italian companies and SACE also through our new center in Milan called IBDC which allows entrepreneurs to get in touch with potential customers and investors through the use of immersive rooms where it will be possible to fully experience the experience of presenting your company in a virtual way and its products.”

Specifically, we give some examples of services, provided by BDB and which can be integrated with the products offered by SACE.
BDB Network will take care of the creation of the strategic international development plan with the assessment of the best areas in which to expand its market, alongside the country risk analyzes developed by SACE also the assessment of specific opportunities made by its local teams present in the 60 countries where it operates. Always thanks to the presence of its professionals and experts who operate in different countries, it will give concrete operational support both for the set-up of the company (opening of offices and legal entities, request for authorizations, certification, etc.) and for the commercial and administrative aspects, finance and marketing.

Thanks to the partnership between Sace and BDB, companies will thus be able to count on maximum assistance and on the choice of the most appropriate financial and insurance support instruments to support internationalization and participation in tenders for which a performance bond is requested international.