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ESG Reporting

Simplify ESG reporting to align with compliance and reporting standards using our ESG reporting platform

Explore our ESG Self-Assessment tools, designed to simplify your sustainability journey

With two clear options - ESG Self-Assessment Questionnaire and ESG Rating - understanding your organization's sustainability position and obtaining your ESG Rating has never been easier.

1. ESG Self-Assessment Questionnaire:
Answer around 80 straightforward questions grouped into Governance, Environment, and Social & Ethics sections. This preliminary questionnaire evaluates your ESG awareness automatically. The results, displayed on our user-friendly portal, highlight your strengths and areas to focus on.

2. ESG Rating:

Our detailed ESG Rating tool, aligned with global standards, assesses your ESG compliance. Each question requires specific responses and supporting documents. Our experts provide you with a comprehensive report, outlining areas for improvement. Unlike standard ratings, our approach involves not only documentation but also the production of essential documents and descriptions. The output includes a comprehensive certificate summarizing results and a detailed report with evaluative insights and actionable suggestions.

International Standards:

  • ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standard)
  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
  • SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)
  • UN Global Compact Initiative


Why ESG Rating matters for finance:

ESG Rating is crucial for financial entities, influencing product classifications and credit conditions. Our tools ensure you meet these requirements effortlessly.

BDB ESG Platform: simple, actionable, sustainable:

Our BDB ESG Platform simplifies the entire process. It not only measures your sustainability performance but also assesses your awareness level. Track your progress dynamically and request our targeted consultancy services to strengthen specific areas.

ESG Reporting Platform

Simplify ESG reporting to align with compliance and reporting standards using our ESG reporting platform

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