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Ambassador of Italy to India Vincenzo De Luca delves into the dynamic and growing relationship between Italy and India.

In the third episode of the BDB Network Naked business podcast, Ambassador of Italy to India Vincenzo De Luca delves into the dynamic and growing relationship between Italy and India. He discusses the significant strides made in bilateral relations, highlighting strategic partnerships in defense, cyber, space, energy, and mobility that showcase a deep foundation of trust and shared visions. With trade doubling to over $15 billion in 2023 and initiatives to boost legal migration for work, the dialogue opens up a world of opportunities for both nations.

Ambassador  Vincenzo De Luca also sheds light on the robust interest from Indian industries in the Italian market, with investments spanning steel, gas drilling, and tech consulting. The episode not only reveals the strategic importance of India on the global stage but also the potential for Italian SMEs to thrive through exports, joint ventures, and direct investments.



Insights of the Video Game Industry | AI | Advice for entrepreneurs

Esplora il dinamico mondo dell’industria dei videogiochi nell’ultimo episodio di BDB Naked Business Podcast. Il conduttore Fulvio Italiano, Presidente di BDB Network, si immerge in una conversazione avvincente con Giorgio Marc Charles Fasoli, Fondatore e CEO di Winter Studio.

Giorgio condivide approfondimenti sul suo percorso, i principi fondamentali di Winter Studio e l’equilibrio delicato tra estetica e funzionalità nello sviluppo dei giochi. Scopri le forze trainanti dietro la crescita dell’industria, l’impatto dell’IA sul futuro del gioco e come Winter Studio abbraccia la diversità culturale. Unisciti alla discussione sul gioco responsabile, le considerazioni ESG e l’entusiasmante intersezione tra videogiochi, tecnologia e grafica. Sintonizzati per una esplorazione avvincente del paesaggio sempre in evoluzione del mondo del gaming.


What is ESG Compliance | How to obtain ESG | Importance for companies

Explore the first episode about ESG Compliance, which features a detailed discussion on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance with Camillo Zana, Co-founder of ESG Portal and Scientific Director of the ESG team at BDB Network. This episode is a valuable resource for understanding ESG compliance, its significance for companies, and the steps necessary to achieve and benefit from ESG standards.