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International Business Development Center

Connect with those really interested in doing business with you.


What We Do

IBDC combines at the same time a physical hub and all the services provided by BDB Network for business development and operative international support for companies and investors from the world's major economies (including innovative start-ups and SMEs).


How We Can Help You

IBDC develops together with companies who come here to create something new and make better for everyone. Every day we offer our partners and customers even more opportunities:


We can help you to expand your business abroad and get fast access to the right audience in 60 countries. We give you the possibility to present your product in the best way by using 4.0 technologies and get a feedback about your business and prototypes from all over the world. We can also provide access to incubator partners and collaboration with banks, business angels, venture capitals and investment funds in order to make your business grow.


We offer SMEs: access to innovative technologies, deep analysis of target audience in 60 countries and access to international network to expand business, build win-win partnerships. The main goal is help SMEs to innovate and go international fast, expand their partnerships network, cut the barriers of engaging in internationalization, provide them with sufficient resources.


They can become partners to successful start-ups and have the possibility to get a high ROI by expanding their business abroad in the best markets in the world. They can also implement innovative technologies to make the traditional business model more competitive.


What You Will Achieve

Worldwide Coverage

We are able to reach 60 countries and give you access to the best markets for your business through partnerships with the world's best excellence.

Business Development

We take care of the growth of your business from the beginning. We provide you the right resources and give you full-time support, connections and tools.

Time and Cost Saving

We have connections all around the world so you don’t have to waste time and energy: we make constant researches of the world’s best markets and the right target for the expansion of your business.

Business Strenghtening

We offer daily inspiration, technology scouting, talent acquisition, business incubators, mentoring programs and international networking for your business to become solid and stable.

Latest Innovations

We provide our customers with the best and latest technology in order to perform activities in an immersive space (with special sounds, videos, vibrations, Augmented reality and smells) to provide visitors with a unique experience.

International Connections

International Connections - through our extensive network, you'll have access to a diverse community of like-minded professionals, experts, and potential partners ready to collaborate and help your business thrive.


Where We Operate

We are currently present in Italy and United Arab Emirates.
Soon IBDC centers will be present in Saudi Arabia, United States, China, Brazil and UK.

IBDC Packages


  • Access to immersive space
  • Access to 4.0 multisensory technologies
  • Assistance in setting up technologies for the meeting


  • Benefits of BASIC package
  • Strategies consulting: 1 week before the event (10 slides)
  • Hospitality services (F&B, hostess) up to 10 people
  • 5 stakeholders


  • Benefits of BASIC package
  • Strategies consulting: 1 week before the event (20 slides)
  • Hospitality services (F&B, hostess) up to 20 people
  • Simultaneous presentation in IBDC Dubai
  • Unlimited number of stakeholders


  • Benefits of BASIC package
  • International strategy set-up
  • Market, business intelligence, financial structure analysis
  • Operative setup of int. legal entities, outsourcing services
  • Commercial team, back office secretary, logistics, support
  • Hospitality services (F&B, hostess) + invitations
  • Simultaneous presentation in IBDC Dubai
  • Number of stakeholders by quotation

Our Brochure!

If you would like to learn more IBDC and how it can support your Company, download our brochure.

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