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25 May 2023
Dorin Popescu



Simultaneously in Milan (Palazzo Clerici) and Dubai (Art District)


  • IBDC (International Business Development Center) of BDB Network is a “stargate” for companies, equipped with 4.0 technologies
  • The immersive room allows you to present digital content and immerse yourself in virtual worlds (such as the Metaverse) involving all 5 senses
  • After Milan and Dubai, other hubs will soon be inaugurated in the UK, USA, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China

Milan/Dubai – BDB Network, an international business development and consultancy firm, announces the opening of the International Business Development Center (IBDC), a unique physical hub and digital platform that aims to assist companies and investors in major world economies to create new commercial projects. The IBDC Center will be inaugurated simultaneously in Milan (at Palazzo Clerici, Via Clerici 5) and Dubai (at Art District, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd) from 9 to 11 May 2023.

The IBDC Center is the result of BDB Network’s expertise in international business development, combined with the innovative approach of its technology partner HCOMM. It is a “stargate” for companies that want to reach 60 countries worldwide and become part of the future of business matching with innovative technologies and professional assistance.

It is a physical hub that employs the latest 4.0 technologies to create an immersive space, offering visitors a unique multisensory experience. The five senses are engaged to create a feeling of being part of the projection. Furthermore, the IBDC is a digital platform that offers innovative business development opportunities to companies, investors, innovative start-ups and SMEs from all over the world.

Each IBDC center is powered by HCOMM’s World of Sensations multi-sensory immersive technology, which is designed to transform the way we interact with the virtual world and the way companies present and interact with their customers. HCOMM, with 12 years of research and development, has created GATEWAY technology that seamlessly integrates physical and digital spaces to create a harmonious environment that supports well-being and enhances the overall business experience. The multisensory stimuli governed by HCOMM technology have been studied by specialists who have reconstructed auditory, olfactory, vibrational, and light frequencies, images, and climatic effects to obtain the desired effect of emotional involvement of those present. For example, if a brainstorming session is organized inside an IBDC, the HCOMM system will generate stimuli capable of promoting an increase in creativity in the room. If instead, it is a sales activity, the sensory stimuli will put the interlocutors in a state of emotional involvement with what is being projected. This technology also works between several interconnected IBDCs located in different cities. During business presentations or e-meetings, the system can project images onto the walls, create a surround sound effect, and diffuse fragrances to create the desired immersive experience. Lighting and temperature can be controlled to create the perfect mood, and special effects such as fog or mist can be used to make the presentation even more immersive.

The IBDC offers a range of services, including talent acquisition, business incubators, mentoring programs and international networking, all designed to help businesses achieve significant time and cost savings without the need to travel, worldwide coverage and innovative solutions for their business growth.

The International Business Development Center is currently present in Milan, Italy and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and will soon also be present in the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and China. Through the adoption of immersive technologies, businesses accessing the IBDC Center can create experiences that engage their customers in new and exciting ways, leading to improved customer retention and increased sales.

“In the rapidly evolving commercial landscape, the use of immersive technologies has become increasingly important, says Fulvio Italiano, President of BDB Network. Our IBDC Center offers companies the potential to disrupt traditional business models, creating entirely new markets and revenue streams. As a business unit of the BDB Network, IBDC hub helps companies address the complexities of operating internationally and become a global hub for international businesses.”

BDB Network is proud to announce that several companies will be participating in the inauguration of the International Business Development Center (IBDC) in Milan and Dubai. These companies include DESPE, a company that specializes in demolition, engineering consulting, decommissioning, and reclamation sectors; Lagalene Milano, a Made in Italy skincare brand with a holistic, unisex, and innovative imprint; Francesca Bellavita, an Italian luxury shoe brand that combines premium materials with avant-garde elements; Sealence, an innovative Italian company that has developed a super-efficient propulsion system that combines electric power with a jet unit for the marine industry; REVIVE, an app that teaches aspiring founders decision-making with real-world tools using Artificial Intelligence in the tech startup industry, and Pizzeria Capuano’s, which serves Luigi Capuano’s traditional Neapolitan pizza in the food and beverage industry.

These companies will have the opportunity to showcase their products and services in the IBDC Center and take advantage of the range of services offered to help them achieve their business growth, and internationalization activities.


The BDB (Business Development Bureau) Network is a global consulting firm that has a direct presence in 60 countries. Its team of professionals offers a comprehensive range of services focused on internationalization and operational assistance for both large corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


The launch of the new IBDC center marks the beginning of a new phase of growth for the company, introducing a highly innovative concept of international business development that combines cutting-edge technology with the professionalism of teams located in all the major international economies.

BDB Network offers new methods to develop and finance your business around the world thanks also to the partnership with SACE and other major international players. For more information:


HCOMM is an Italian company that specializes in multisensory technologies. It has patented technology and customized solutions capable of creating a multi-sensory experience, a harmonized blend of videos, sounds, olfactory essences, vibrational frequencies, lights, climatic effects. For more information:

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