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International development for an Italian beverage brand


Our client was a producer of beverages as well as natural flavors, aniseed, bases for liqueurs and bitters. Moreover, it was one of the few industrial companies which directly produced most of the aromas starting from the main fruit, by constantly and accurately controlling the whole production process and by guaranteeing the quality of the product. It had always been very well established within the confines of Italy, but not very developed abroad.

Client:  Soft Drinks

Services:  International Business Development

Industry:  Food & Beverage


The company needed to develop and expand also in foreign realities.


BDB Network supported the company by skipping the steps of large-scale distribution and creating a direct agreement with MegaImage.

BDB Network has set up installation points and corners in which pizza from large distribution chains was linked to the company product, so that the consumer of the pizza received a free beverage product, with the possibility to buy it on the spot.

Skip intermediation steps

Possibility to be directly in the big distribution without intermediaries and therefore to have a direct contact with local big distributors.

Single point of contact

BDB Network is single point of contact for both for the study of global markets, for the commercial aspect, for export practices and marketing in all countries

Real performance

Thanks to the on-site marketing campaigns with all BDB Network teams, in Bucharest alone, the launch led to the purchase of over fifteen thousand beverage products.

How Can We Help You

Companies that are not yet present abroad or that want to expand in other markets, can find in BDB Network the best ally to obtain in a very short time market research done in 60 countries at the same time. BDB Network has a structure able to create the commercial network in different countries, to study and realize the communication strategies related to each country and to obtain assistance for all the legal (import, laws, etc.), fiscal and logistic needs.