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General Contractor

M&A and due diligence for a multinational company.


A leading multinational company based in a middle-eastern country with four decades of success in five sectors. This Group operates in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas in the construction, hospitality, renewable energy, airport, and air transportation sectors. They are involved in designing, building, and maintaining complex infrastructures such as transportation, energy, and utility systems, including commercial and residential developments.

Client:  General Contractor

Services:  International Business Development, International Operation

Industry:  Construction, Engineering


To make acquisitions for M&A (mergers & acquisitions) transactions in Europe and South America, to obtain assistance in finding local partners to enable participation in international tenders where their native country companies were not initially accepted, and to identify new opportunities in other geographic areas where they had not yet developed

We assist the company in establishing a pool of companies for participation in tenders in the countries where the companies from their country were not accepted. We activated the network to find companies that had the characteristics to participate in the tender.

Performance measurement

In 30 days more than 25 companies gave feedback for tender participation, with no need to move, full lockdown. Targets identified for acquisitions in different continents.

Worldwide coverage

We ensured that this company was able to identify partners to participate in the tenders and targets to acquire clients in different continents in a very short time.


We provided legal support for the creation of joint ventures with our legal firms partners. We also support the company in the creation and coordination of the due diligence team .

How We Can Help You

Companies that are interested in M&A (merger & acquisition) transactions can rely on our network in order to obtain assistance, including finding local partners that would allow them to participate in international tenders.