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Innovative Entertainment Format

Project actually in progress


The intent was to create a new format that combined entertainment and fine dining through the fusion of technological innovation with gastronomic and agricultural tradition. In the target city (the capital of a middle-eastern country), there was a wide range of offerings in the restaurant industry, both casual and prime fine dining; therefore, this project was born as a new concept with the intent to stand out from the competition.

Client:  Private Investor, Entrepeneur

Services:  Business Ideation & Implementation

Industry:  Construction, Entertainment


Conceptualization of a new concept that combines entertainment and dining, in a single project.

Conceptualization of the food proposal and the entertainment, business model definition and business planning.
Research, selection and training of the management team.
Strategy, planning and implementation of branding, marketing and communications activities with the goal of raising awareness of the facility.
Artistic direction and operational support for the creation of an entertainment proposal with the specialised branch BDB Lab&Productions.

Idea generators

BDB Network is the initiator and creator of the format, based on a simple request from the client to create an entertainment and dining format.

Full-cycle project coordination

BDB Network was able to develop the project not only from the conceptual aspect, but also to create a team of architects, designers, and companies able to implement the project, from construction as well as from the food and entertainment.

How Can We Help You

BDB Network offers 360-degree entertainment services by exploiting new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality or video mapping. In the field of Entertainment, it guarantees broad and comprehensive support.