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Make a smart city become a replicable model in the world.


A smart city is under construction in Italy, a place where the three generations can live, socialize and grow together by sharing the same space. It is a chorus intended as a set of services but especially as a community, where all barriers are eliminated to promote integration between individuals. Thanks to an innovative real estate system that combines construction with industry, architecture with the most advanced digital technologies, the city is a center of socio-economic aggregation that improves the well-being and quality of life of individuals by offering an important opportunity for development and economic growth. It has always been strongly known within the confines of Italy, but not very developed abroad.

Client:  Smart City

Services:  Business Implementation, International Business Development

Industry:  Constructions


The main project goal was to make the city become a replicable Smart City model in the world. Therefore, it was necessary to structure all aspects of it: from the city management model, to the definition of the services offered, the design of the technological infrastructure also in terms of customer experience, data collection and use, the transformation of the city into a brand linked to specific values, the creation of the community both in the city and among the various cities that will follow the model.


BDB Lab supported the city in those activities:

  • design of the organizational model
  • definition of the customer journey, defining the experience of the various targets
  • international competitor analysis
  • business planning
  • strategy and planning of marketing and communication activities
  • strategic advisory on the use of technologies for marketing and efficiency of community management services

Tenant research for different type of services: hospitality, retail, wellness, entertainment, etc. with support to the agreements.

Artistic programming and management of the Arena, with the specialized branch BDB Lab&Productions.


Performance monitoring

The city that will soon opens will be the first prototype of this innovative model and will be a real laboratory to optimize it and make it even more effective.

Worldwide coverage

The presence of BDB Network in 60 countries will allow us to support the intent to replicate the model in other locations.


BDB Network has been able to provide a 360° consultancy service on all fronts, from service management to communication and community management, with attention also to the new technologies.

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BDB Network support provides a partner with a wide vision and able to converge people, services, entertainment, and new technologies, in the same project in different aspects, both technological, managerial, and financial.