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Surveillance & Monitoring

Helping a defense and security company to develop relations with governments


The company developed multi-domain operational capabilities in aerospace, defense and security. It was a key player in major international strategic programs and a technology partner of governments, defense administrations, institutions, and enterprises. Innovation, continuous research, and the digital industry were the pillars of its business in the world. Prior to the support of BDB Network, the Group had not been able to have direct operations with local governments in several states and new projects.

Client:  Surveillance and Security solutions

Services:  International Business Development, Business Implementation

Industry:  Aerospace, Defense, Security
& Justice


Development of new business areas and partnerships with federal and local government, for urban and national security.

BDB Network created a team with a local state administration to activate the land monitoring project through drones, face IDs, license plates, and secure infrastructure.

BDB Network supported the company in finding other potential partners and team integrators, which then generated a POC (proof of concept) project.


Quality contacts

The presence of BDB Network has enabled the company to initiate a dialogue and collaboration with local and federal administrations and to activate thanks to the industrial partnership with BDB Network, a technical and commercial work team that has managed to launch in a short time POCs (proof of concept) from which direct contracts for a trial period and calls for tenders arise, giving wide opportunity to win to those who generated the POC.

Team creation

Opportunity to create teams for the development of totally new solutions, such as the creation of the team for the application of a special satellite antenna capable of tracking all communications and movements of federal police patrols, even in areas not protected by GSM signal, integrating it with personal monitoring systems of officers, and mounted on special jackets equipped with a satellite transmitter and cameras.

Opening news business

BDB Network gave them the opportunity to work in areas, as well as to propose its own solutions, in areas where it had not previously worked, such as surveillance and security of large infrastructures (roads, subways, etc.) or monitoring of federal police cars through satellite technology.

How Can We Help You

As in this case, BDB Network, in addition to developing commercial opportunities, is able to create real specialized technical teams, in which public institutions can also participate, to develop jointly with your company, new solutions to be proposed exclusively.