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Interview with Fulvio Italiano

30 June 2021
BDB Network

BDB Network offers many services to companies that want to expand their international structure, one of the services is the support in communication and international marketing.
We interviewed Dr Fulvio Italiano, Executive President of BDB, in order to know more about the dynamics of the service mentioned.

What does international marketing and communication support mean for BDB?

One of the main services that BDB Network offers to companies is the support in international marketing and communication. For this reason, we created an ad hoc department called BDB LAB which is based in NY and coordinates the resources dedicated to marketing and communication in all the countries where BDB is present.
International marketing is the set of all those marketing activities aimed at optimising the company’s presence in every single market.
Our network, composed of professionals, is able to identify the most effective and innovative communication channels, knowing the specific requirements of each country and each culture and therefore performing a fundamental adaptation activity that facilitates market penetration.

What are the main activities on which BDB focuses in order to guarantee to companies a proper global expansion and development?

For us, results matter as much as ideas and words: in fact, before thinking, creating and realizing any kind of communication project, our activity focuses on research, study and analysis of all the data related to the company such as its positioning, the market in which it operates, those in which it wishes to operate, trends in the sector, consumer choice and purchasing behaviour.
Through its structure, BDB provides a team composed of international professionals that assist and support companies by making the right decisions from the beginning, avoiding or decreasing any risks and errors due to the lack of knowledge of the international market.

Which are the stages in which strategic advice is divided?

 Our strategic advice applies through the following steps:

  1. Ideation of international communication campaigns targeted at each nation
  2. Operation of international branding and rebranding
  3. Ideation and production of multimedia content for communication
  4. Format creation and international events for the product launches

What is the purpose that BDB wants to achieve through the service of international marketing and communication support?

 The aim of all the activities carried out by BDB is to facilitate the penetration of markets in order to achieve the sales objectives fixed by the company in perfect time, improving growth and communication, building a social identity and establishing a solid and durable relation with our clients.
All this is done in agreement with the BDB Network department that manages the business development, in such a way that marketing could be a support for the growth international plan.
Thanks to the activity of Business Integrator carried out by BDB Network, marketing becomes a fundamental element in support not only for sales but also for the search of financial or industrial partnership that allow the company to grow globally.