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Sustainable Fashion

2 July 2021
BDB Network

Have you ever heard about sustainable fashion? It’s a topic that is becoming increasingly popular, especially online, also the magazines and web pages talk about it.
For those who still don’t know, it’s a process that helps to safeguard the planet and protect people.
Moreover, sustainable fashion is considered to be one of the most successful trends nowadays.

The main goal for those that follow and create sustainable fashion is to defend the planet and to guarantee positive effects on the human health.
Especially after the outbreak and the spread of Covid-19, the client has evolved becoming increasingly responsible and attentive in the choices of products. In fact, sustainability now contributes to the brand’s reputation.

What are the ecological materials that are used to create sustainable fashion? The ecological materials used are raw materials such as: regenerated cotton, bamboo, hemp, etc.
For example, the Italian company ‘’Orange Fiber’’, founded in Sicily in 2014 is able to produce yarn derived from orange peels.
Thanks to their efficient method, the company was able to collaborate with the well-known Salvatore Ferragamo, who created a fashion collection with fabrics derived from the industrial processing of oranges.
Another collaboration occurred between the luxury bran Bentley and the company VEGEA (expertise in the field of fashion biomaterials). Bentley was able to realize the interior of the cars with materials from wine-growing waste.

So, as you can imagine, the web is full of many initiatives concerning the sustainable fashion sector.
As result of this expansion, more and more known and widespread, a garment never dies.
The technique of “cradle-to-cradle” shows how clothes can be continuously reborn and recycled.
Thanks to this, numerous sustainable Marketplace have been created where you can buy total look eco-friendly.
The consumer, now demanding and determined, tries to address himself to a brand that follows the philosophy inspired by sustainability.

The search for sustainability goes beyond clothing, in fact it can also be pursuit in accessories or costume jewellery.
In this regard, we want to introduce you to an elegant jewellery brand named after its creator: Thais Bernardes jewellery.
The brand represents the perfect harmony of Brazilian soul and Italian craftsmanship. The inspiration of its collections is due to the enchanting nature of the Amazon forest and for this, they are considered cheerful and vital jewels.
The materials used, in particular metals and precious stones promote eco-sustainability and this can certainly be considered an advantage for both the seller and the buyer.
But what is the real secret behind the sustainability of Thais’ jewels?
18k Gold used in its Carnival collection is extracted from the mines in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia keeping the production chain controlled and ethically responsible to ensure the artisanal and mining companies the maximum respect of working conditions, in addition to respecting the environment.

Another illustrative brand is BENNU. Why the choice of this name? Bennu was a bird of Egyptian mythology, symbol of Rebirth and this explains the founding concept of the brand.
BENNU’S goal is to recover sartorial or vintage garments from unsold stocks in order to protect the future. For this reason, the creators of the bran are committed to reducing the pollution caused by the production of new clothes.
The secret is based on the reinterpretation of the garment using trimmings, fringes and remnants of fabric. The consumer who buys BENNU designer garments, is able to feel the main protagonist of the process of change that is characterizing our today.

In conclusion what are the advantages for the small companies to rely on BDB Network?
BDB is able to operate in different fields such as fashion & luxury products.
The benefits that BDB offer to clients are:

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In addition, BDB also guarantee a real knowledge of market dynamics and ability to operate on different international markets.
It’s composed of Partners which are professionals and work with vertical specialists.
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So, why choose BDB?
The answer is simple, BDB is an international hub that provides consulting and services in order to act as a Business Integrator.